Having a new baby requires lots of new space in your home for new items. Kolcraft custom closet organization system allows you to double your closet space by installing it. You will have a clothing rod to hang all of your outfits on. There are also available smaller hangers.

In the kolcraft closet organization system you will find eight shelves, they are realy good option for storing and you can use them for clothing, diapers and anything you desire. You can set up your infant’s items any way you prefer and furthermore, these shelves are great if installed underneath the clothing rod.

Sometimes when holding a baby in your arms it can get tricky accessing items and Kolcraft understands this, so the closet organization system is prepared with that in mind. Comfort is key when getting your infant’s items. Mesh compartments are great for storing creams, medicines, lotions, and other items commonly used for your baby.

Each parent has different needs when it comes to closet organization as well as closet size. You have the option to choose individual items for your baby’s closet such as baskets, cubbies, drawers, shelves and hanging rods. We all know how many blankets are getting added up, and shelves are perfection location for storing them.

As your baby grows up, you can reorganize and change your closet organization system or individual products for your older child. You may change the hanging rod according to a new level. This is a great tool to teach your child how to take care of their things. The shelves can be placed below the closet area for easy storage of toys.

You will be very satisfied with the versatility of the Kolcraft’s closet organization products. You can find them at retail stores and stores for babies. They have been guaranteed as being safe for children and they are very easy to install. You can do it in just a short time using basic household tools including a drill, screwdriver and a hammer. Each Kolcraft kit or closet organization product is attached with complete instructions. If you need assistance you can also contact Kolcraft customer service.

Most new parents are already prepared about the nursery for their sons, so the closet as well should be organized for them. It is better to have a closet already prepared without needing to remove tons of items before getting what we need. Your baby may not appreciated the effort you have put into organizing their closet space, but your life will be definitely easier. You will have your hands already busy with a new baby, why make it harder by being forced to search for items?

You can personalize your closet organization products purchased from Kolcraft. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors to ensure you can find exactly what amuses you. For the best results, measure twice your closet space, create a plan of what items you will place in the closet area, and then purchase the Kolcraft products that are meeting your requirements.

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